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Activity objectives
Established in 1996, the Aromatherapy Association of Japan (AAJ) was engaged in a variety of activities related to aromatherapy - activities designed to disseminate, study and research correct knowledge on aromatherapy and to offer certification (Aromatherapy Proficiency Examination and Aromatherapy Advisor, Aromatherapy Instructor, and Aromatherapist certification) - until, upon receiving authorization as a corporation under the supervision of the Environmental Agency,the AAJ made a new start in April 1, 2005 as the Aroma Environment Association of Japan (AEAJ).
The AEAJ continues to be involved in efforts to popularize and educate the public on aromatherapy as well as in other business activities connected with aromatherapy, and it will actively pursue the creation of productive and comfortable environments with natural aromas (“hospitable aroma environments”) with particular regard to coexistence with nature.

Ministry of the Environment
Primary activities
The AEAJ conducts a range of activities, primarily through the organization’s many committees.
Hosting popularization activities, lectures, seminars, and symposia on environment awareness aimed at creating hospitable aroma environments.
Issuing newsletters, aromatherapy journals, etc.
Pursuing academic studies/research
Supervising qualifying examinations and certification (Advisors, Instructors, Aromatherapists)
Overseeing proficiency examinations (Aromatherapy Proficiency Examination Levels 1 and 2)
Administering certification school system
Implementing aromatherapy liability coverage system
Conducting studies/research on essential oils
Certifying compliance with labeling standards for essential oils
Engaging in exchange with relevant organizations overseas and exchanging information
Supporting The Day of Aromatherapy (November 3)
Supporting aromatherapy volunteer activities
Implementing AFC (Aromatherapy for Children and Juniors) program
AEAJ organization/executives
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